1. Venezia


  2. in between

    in between

  3. 3+3


  4. rusty fence

    rusty fence

  5. bricks fence

    bricks fence

  6. correct sequence
erroneous sequence 

    correct sequence

    erroneous sequence 

  7. erroneous sequence

    erroneous sequence

  8. foldable bicycle

    foldable bicycle

  9. Yesterday I had an idea.  (^_−)−☆

    Why not try to impose myself a photographic theme / project? Out there are many photographers taking pictures of cats or older people or just rusty bicycles…. So I bizarrely decided to take a picture of what is around me (i.e. the stop point) every hundred steps.

    If you do not have better things to do, take a look!

  10. blue&red